They may also be reluctant to ask questions and come off as a

Pairs of guests are assigned fully equipped 5.5 metre fibreglass Hourston runabouts, with 25% of their trip guided. Fishing, safety, and foul weather gear are provided, along with fish processing. Guests may also opt for fully guided packages. And again just because they look like that doesn mean you have to avoid them.thatsumoguy07 96 points submitted 1 month agoI say “study” because even they tell the methodology, they don give a link to the FEC listings they used, the code they used, or even access to the excel sheet. Which I get this can be replicated, but when it comes to this I would like to see your code and see the source, so I can see if there are parameters others than the sparse ones listed. So I don know how much weight I would put behind that idea.First, they think the $81 billion is an inadequate amount to cover Puerto Rico by itself, let alone for covering the island territories in addition to all the states including California, Texas and Florida that have suffered natural disasters in recent months.Second, the Republicans bill does not delineate where, specifically, the money will go.

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