As Molly shopped for a new job after receiving a “Rising Star”

This nannying further marks me out as the outsider. The other dads are fitter; some have tough jobs, such as police hostage negotiator; while others already know how to tell which way north is from how moss grows on trees. I haven’t excelled physically.

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Came back a week ago after playing during the Stormblood launch, main PLD and finally sorta got the rotation and magitation done, just cleared Lighthouse and O12 yesterday, trying to gear up for maybe attempting O9S. While hitting the weekly cap to gear up, want to get a DPS class going since sometimes tanky is stressful. Debating on picking back up BRD (lvl 37) or DRG (lvl 50) but can make a decision.

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Most true business loan brokers or similar individuals only get paid when your company receives money. Even the big players like investment banks only get paid after the fact. However, some brokers or lenders will ask for a small payment. Be careful. Too many people who want to move down to Costa Rica and open a business invest their life savings in it, only to become stress cases and lose all of their money. Sometimes you need a Costa Rican (Tico) on the paperwork for an official business, which could further complicate things.

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