Mr Fitch added: “Mr Salvador was taken back to his cell and

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uk canada goose outlet Our birth, as individuals and as a movement, mirrors that of Jesus. It comes at canada goose outlet website legit a time where there is neither room nor tolerance for us at a difficult time along the human timeline. As we gear up for this holiday season let us enjoy the time. Get daily updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersAn inmates tried to bite the nose and gouge the eyes of a prison governor who he blamed for withholding photos from his wedding ceremony to TV actress Paula Williamson, a court heard.Charles Salvador, who is better known as Charles Bronson, could be heard whistling the Great Escape theme tune moments before the alleged attack on canada goose outlet london uk January 25 this year.He lunged with such force that HMP Wakefield governor Mark Docherty was pushed back off his chair during a meeting at the high security jail, a jury was told.Salvador, 65, remained calm after being restrained by prison officers before allegedly telling them: “I have been waiting since November for a chance to get hold of Docherty”.Violent thug controlled what girlfriend ate and didn’t let her go anywhere without himThe inmate married Paula Williamson on November 14 in a ceremony at HMP Wakefield attended by several guests.But Salvador held a grudge against the prison governor who canada goose black friday instagram he blamed for withholding wedding photos, it was cheap canada goose for sale claimed.Prison chiefs ordered that the photos, taken by staff, could not be accessed outside of the jail amid fears Miss Williamson would go to the media with them, a court heard.Salvador was escorted from his cell to an adjudication room by five officers for a meeting at 2pm on the day of the alleged attack to discuss his welfare and engagement within the prison system, a court heard.However, Salvador wasn’t cuffed or restrained canada goose outlet belgium and the jury was told he rushed at Mr Docherty as soon as the door to the adjudication room was opened by staff.Young man in hospital after suffering “serious stab wounds” in Cambuslang”A prison officer then opened the door as canada goose coats on sale he did he saw Mr Salvador rush Mr Docherty and swung his arm with such force Mr Docherty was pushed back off his chair. “The court heard prison officers said Salvador shouted: “I will bite your fg nose off and gouge your eyes out.”They managed to pull Salvador off the governor and out of the room, the court heard.The prosecution said Salvador had been planning the attack for two months following his wedding to Ms Williamson.Mr Fitch added: “Mr Salvador was taken back to his cell and made it quite clear he had been intending on harming Mark Docherty for some time.”On November 14 Mr Salvador married a woman canada goose outlet website review named Paula Williamson, that wedding took place in the prison.(Image: Adam Gerrard/Daily Mirror)”Paula Williamson is an actress who has had some parts in TV programmes. The prison had agreed the ceremony could take place.”Guests would not be allowed to take photos or any electrical equipment whatsoever in line with prison regulations.”A member of staff would take some photos and those photos would be available for Salvador and his wife on the next social visit after the wedding ceremony.”The prison would not allow access to the photos outside of the prison, they feared Ms Williamson would go to the media with them.Former soap actress later revealed she is glad she did not consummate the wedding because her husband had ‘saggy skin'”Mr Salvador had a grudge with the governor who he blamed for that decision regarding the withholding of those photos.” uk canada goose outlet.

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