Finally, Trump has put forward an “America First” policy

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canada goose deals This criticism of Obama’s inaction, while certainly justifiable on the merits, opens the White House up to questions as to what he, Trump, is prepared to do about Russian sabotage next time. The intel community’s January report flatly concluded thatRussia is already developing “future influence efforts” against the United States and noted that the sabotage of our election has become a “new normal.” Former FBI director James B. Comey went even further in his recent testimony to Congress, claiming that Russia currently canada goose outlet price constitutes “the greatest threat of any nation on Earth” to our democratic process. canada goose deals

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canadian goose jacket We walk to the first 2 bars and they are both full, obviously, it’s 29 degrees in the UK and we take any excuse for a drink. Literally. The World Cup was the best 4 weeks of my life. Finally, Trump has put forward an “America First” policy canada goose outlet store calgary on the nation’s security alliances that could fundamentally increase geopolitical risk. To wit, Trump on Monday underscored his position that Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia should shoulder more of their own defense burdens. He also has said the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ought to be reconsidered. canadian goose jacket

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